Here Be Dragons!

Here Be Dragons!


The beaten path is very wide,

Trodden smooth by countless feet,

Wearing it deeply into the land,

And cutting a track through time.

I was content for many years,

Happy to follow where others led.

Then one day the path ran out,

Ended abruptly with a sign,

Rimmed in red, that ran:

“Warning! Here be dragons!”

I stood some time alert,

Watching for flames and wings,

And yet none came in sight.

I waited on, still unsure

Until a single step I took,

Passed into blank uncharted lands.

And still the dragons didn’t fly,

Eager to devour my presumptuous soul.

A second step and then I found

My feet were on another path,

Thread-thin but strongly felt.

And then I knew beyond a doubt

What the warning sign had meant:

Beyond this point, you become

Those very dragons that we fear.



10 thoughts on “Here Be Dragons!

  1. Wonderful poem, Viv! That photo makes me smile. That dragon looks very cute 🙂

    A couple of years ago, I was working with images of my personal monsters. There was a giant squid, a gollum…I found a dragon, too, but I couldn’t quite figure out what it represented. When I was in a hole, it loomed above, intimidating, blocking out the light. But with those wings, it seemed to have the potential to lift me up.

    Perhaps if I make my dragon cute and pink, it will make more sense 🙂


    • I borrowed the dragon from my daughter who has a collection of them but originally I was trying to photograph one of my cards from The Druid Animal oracle, one of a fire dragon who was a lot more fearsome. I couldn’t get it right however I tried.
      Often in the hypnogogic stage of sleep I see small dragons in the air, but they last longer than hynogogic images should, and so I think there are beings in other dimensions who watch me!! Bring on the men in the white coats but I believe in dragons!
      When you say working with images of your personal monsters, what do you mean?Literally as in making images and art or figuratively in a therapy sense?


  2. Good Morning dear Viv,

    I love that poem…it made me feel as if it was I who was walking there and taking a chance!

    Very good !! Excellent !
    Thankd for the invite as I will check in often.
    all the way from Connecticut, USA


    • Afternoon Maria dear!
      I’ve just had lunch and am debating going out for a walk. We had snow this morning but it has all melted now and the dog doesn’t like getting her paws wet and muddy anymore now she’s a senior citizen!
      I need a walk even if she doesn’t!
      take care and have a good day!


  3. It was more in a therapy sense, but I did try to do some sketches. Are your small dragons scary? I did a little reading about dragons to see what they symbolised, but now I can’t remember, and I have to start my very busy day, even though I really want to pull out my old Annie Lennox collage to photograph and blog about, and figure out what she has to do with the blueberries I saw in my head last night, and if this has ANYTHING to do with dragons I will be very excited.

    Yes, bring on the men in the white coats. I will create some very lovely art for them 🙂



      This is a rather good site that lists the starter attributes of many totem/spirit animals. If you go to the main menu, you can find a list of mythical beasts as well as “real” ones and dragon is there.
      The first time I saw one of the dragons, I think that going by its face, it was more scared of me than vice versa! I see various creatures in the shadow between waking and sleeping and many of them are what you might describe as “dark”; snakes, spiders, bats, that sort of thing. I also see what my brain interprets as faeries; funny beings, really, and what they truly are, i don’t know. It wasn’t until about 12 years ago that i discovered that the spider that was always somewhere near the bed when I woke was not visible to anyone else, when I tried to show it to my husband. It bothered me once but not now.
      In NA legend, Grandmother Spider wove the first alphabet and therefore is the totem of those who write.
      I’d love to see your sketches one day!


    • I think for me I am less willing to put up with crap. There have been times in the last year or so when I would have loved to have taken a deep, deep breath and turned my opponent into a crispy fried duck! But I still stop myself from being as fierce as I sometimes think I ought to be.
      My teacher(spiritual guide) calls me lioness, but I keep my claws in velvet too often…I’d make a sorry excuse for a predator!


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