Dangerous Age

Dangerous Age


I’m at a dangerous age:

Too old to be young,

Too young to be old.

Women like me straddle extremes,

A foot planted squarely on each.

I might do anything:

Run away to Bali,

Find adventure or a vocation,

Or stay home, learn bridge

And buy a shopping trolley.

I’m not done being young yet;

I’m not ready to exchange

My running shoes for slippers,

I’m not ready to cut my hair,

Colour away the silver threads

And save up for Botox.

I’m at a dangerous age:

Are you ready for this?


9 thoughts on “Dangerous Age

    • This is the man who took up Wing chun kung fu aged 39 and aims to be a black belt by fifty. he’s fitter now than he’s ever been and we’ve known each other since we were both 18(together from age 19) so I suspect yes! After 21 years of marriage we’re not the same people we were but that’s a GOOD thing! Our philosophy has been to try new things and step out of our comfort zones. I have a lot of issues with stepping out of my comfort zones and he’s always been very supportive of this, thank God.


    • I have a theory, Vanessa that we are each born with an internal age that doesn’t change even when we reach it and supercede it. My dad is about 17 inside and is currently in his computer geek phase. My husband and I are about 19, still but my daughter is about 29/31 ish.
      I’m 43 next month, but today i do feel old. But that’s because I’m not feeling well.
      Are you a fan of Jenny Joseph’s Warning(when i am old I shall wear purple)?


    • I love that poem!
      I vary in age, right now. Sometimes I am older than old. But then thats tiredness and pain talking. Usually I am surprised when I see my face in a mirror, because I am not 20 any more and haven’t been for quite a while!


  1. Yes, I love your poem! I felt compelled to write about this very thing not long ago. I’m only 26 so it’s less about the transition to bridge and Metamucil than the transition from youthful spontaneity to adult responsibility. Not easy!


    • No transition is easy. I am a long way from the old age I depict but at 40+ it creeps closer. It’s as much about how the world expects you to act at certain ages.
      Thank you for visiting and for liking the poem. I hope you come and explore again…I hope to visit your site too.


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