Hate mail…

I’ll never understand people. Never, not till I live to be a hundred and ten.

Today I just had my first hate mail sent to this blog. The spam catcher got it but I check the spam as sometimes it can be over zealous, and I was a bit shocked.

I won’t bother saying what they said, but it’s clearly by some mindless juvenile, who is probably doing the same to everyone he/she can find. The barmiest thing is they gave a link to their blog to prove how much better it was…Obviously no intelligence whatsoever; or wanting to pick a fight.

I hit that most useful of buttons: delete.

But it’s left me baffled about people again. It takes effort to bother sending mail of any sort so why send hate mail? It seems utterly counter-intuitive to me.

It goes back to the idea I wrote about in Love and Hate: love and hate are not opposites at all.  I suppose I should be flattered that he/she bothered, but I’m not. I’m saddened and a little irritated.

Oh well!

6 thoughts on “Hate mail…

    • To make matters a little worse, I had a nasty and abusive message sent to me from Yahoo answers; someone took issue with something I said when giving an answer and took the time and trouble to tell me so! i simply cannot understand people sometimes!


      • Funnily enough I get back to the pc just now and find I was awarded Best Answer for the one I got abused about so that’s all right now!!!


  1. Hate mails are just another way of getting attention. Though one never gets used to it, the best bet is to ignore it. On the positive side, it also means you are becoming famous!


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