Snowdrop’s eye view of Spring..




I had to get down on my tummy for this shot, bum in the air, and the soft mud seeped into my jeans and coat.

I have no idea what anyone would have thought, had they seen me but no one was about to see me pratting around trying to get a good photo.

The temperature today was maybe six or seven degrees above freezing but it felt like spring had sprung and there’s no going back now, whatever the weather throws at us…

Can I just say, “Yippeeeeeeee!”

6 thoughts on “Snowdrop’s eye view of Spring..

  1. Yipppeeeeee, for sure,Viv!!! Good for you for getting this worm-eyed view of the snowdrops. This is really lovely.

    I was n the way to my dentist the other day and saw a big patch of snowdrops in someone’s garden (while riding past in the car). I was delighted, because we’ve had overcast, gloomy days up until yesterday, so it made me happy that Spring surely can’t be far awy :))))


    • The woods were full of snowdrops but my camera battery died so I stopped my search for the perfect photo!
      I have some SAD and the last months have been grim, owing to that and other circumstances, so seeing things change before my eyes is good for my low morale.
      happy spring, Bonny!


  2. That’s a lovely pic. 🙂 Great mental image, you there with your butt in the air, knees in the mud, searching for the perfect picture. LOL

    Looks like a Guinea Pig’s eye view of Snowdrops, not sure about a Snowdrop’s eye view of Spring! *grin*

    I noticed that the Bluebells in our garden are springing forth from the earth now – won’t be long before the flowers are there!


    • I am glad I went out yesterday. today I have gone back to bed. Not laziness, but feeling very ill. My axillary lymph nodes have been aching the last few days and today the others have joined in. I wasn’t aware till today that you have lymph nodes behind your knees and in your elbow crease, or at the collarbone but they’re all “UP” and I feel grotty. I can only conclude I am fighting a mighty infection. Even the ones in my groin have joined in.
      So I may be a bit quiet for a while; yes, I know: unheard of, Viv being quiet!


    • There is a flower essence(energy medicine) made from snowdrops that is used to treat winter blues(SAD) and I use it during the winter. I seem to have misplaced the mother tincture when we moved; must track it down!


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