Somewhere inside
A clock goes “tick”
And I stagger
Up the shores of sleep
Draped in weeds
And shreds of dreams
To face the day
Rubbing my eyes
And wondering:
Where have I been?

4 thoughts on “Waking

  1. Thank you Fibi.
    I often feel when I wake that I have been somewhere else altogether, not just lying doramnt in my bed. Last night I dreamed about three MI5 agents who accidentally travel back ten years and have to seek out their younger selves to try and teach them; it was a weird dream and it felt like watching a film. I was watching the woman in the group trying to make her younger self understand where her life was going when some strange random breeze blew on my face and woke me.
    I shall maybe try and find and write how the “film” develops, one day!


    • It’s really nice to have you here too, Pastfirst. It does me good to hear that people enjoy my stuff. so a big thank you, to you and all the other kind folk who come here and comment!


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