Sheep and Wolves

I wrote the following poem a few years back out of sheer frustration at the spiritual market place and how hard it is to discern what is right and what is not.

Sheep and Wolves
  “Those of you who would happy be,
  Come along and follow me.
  If you want your highest bliss
  Do as I do, dress like this.
  Check your brain in at the door,
  You won't need that any more.
  Hand your worldly goods to us;
  We know best, so why the fuss?
  Peace of mind it don't come cheap,
  Now get in line with all the sheep!”
  Shepherd's pie I hear them say;
  Tell those sheep to run away!
  Beware the wolves who dress like me,
  So alike it's hard to see
  Who'd be your guardian and your God,
  Rule with kindness, not the rod.
  Think of this when wolves are here:
  The good shepherd inspires no fear.

12 thoughts on “Sheep and Wolves

  1. This is truly wonderful and really reveals the truth of the spiritual market place, which at times, still leaves me frustrated and confused.

    Thank you and warmest wishes



  2. So beautifully written Viv,

    The wolves in sheep’s skin are aplenty,
    Only the heart recognizes the shepherd !

    The heart is my compass –
    the compass to bring me home !


    • Shweta, the heart can be fooled(at least mine can!) and it can be fooled by those who should know better. This poem appeared in the diocesan magazine of the diocese of Leicester and I can’t help having a bit of a giggle at the irony of that.
      It’s when wolves start interbreeding with sheep that we really need to worry about!
      thank you!
      I haven’t managed to look at the site you sent a link to because I need to update some software first, but will soon.


  3. The mind, which sometimes pretends to be the heart may be fooled, but the true heart can never be fooled.

    If we feel that the heart has been fooled, then it is not the heart. The heart only responds to true love and true kindness. This from my experience I speak.

    Take Care,
    Cheers !


    • You may be right. My experience is that my heart can be fooled, but that has lessened as experience teaches it. I sometimes think that it is the fooling of the heart is what breaks it.
      I also don’t think that we begin to be complete until we have had our hearts broken in some way or other. It is the process of healing a broken heart that makes us most deeply compassionate to the pain of others.
      But this I do not know; this is only my thoughts and feelings on it, and I could well be wrong!
      Thank you!


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