Healing words

As a part of my daily spiritual practise, such as it is, I draw a card at random from my set of Healing Cards by Caroline Myss. I’ve used many cards over the years, some I still use and others have served their time and are left fallow now.

These particular cards have a picture and some words, drawn from every major spiritual tradition in the world. One side there is a soundbite with a picture and on the reverse is a few lines expanding it.

Today’s sound bite was, “Recovery isn’t a goal, but a process”

On the reverse, “You never stop repairing and renewing yourself. You must absorb  the light and shadow of each day you live. Don’t keep your spirit stuck in yesterday as a new day begins. Prayer is process.”

As I wrote first thing, I am feeling very stressed and anxious. I thought I was past this being at the mercy of anxiety, but it seems not.

It seems like it’s part of my life’s work to work through this. Today is tough.

But at least I am safe home and can now try and deal with it now my chores are done with.

10 thoughts on “Healing words

  1. are these cards similar to the tarot? the images there can be very revealing. Setting aside the prophetic use of tarot, the actual representations and archetypes can be powerful draws for the human mind. Something to focus on, and eventually resolve.

    art prescribes the journey we all must undertake.


    • Not unlike but I do use tarot too. These are not intended to be used in the same way as tarot, but as you say, something to focus on and resolve. They are not especially deep, though, and I tend to focus on the words and not the images.


  2. Hmmmm… My favourite cards that always “speak to me” are my Osho Zen cards.. They always give me insight into where I am at at any given moment.. Helps me tune in..

    It does seem that life is one constant lesson.. You think you got it, when “pow” it hits you again in a slightly different way..

    Love & hugs..


    • I think (but am not sure) that I was given a reading from the Osho Zen cards on a street in Brighton, but I am unsure now.
      I am a bit of a tarot addict and use various sets for various things.
      I also am lucky enough to own a set that is no longer available despite great demand so second hand sets go for fairly adsrud sums of money; The Greenwood tarot, if you know it?


  3. No, I don’t.. Like you, I have sooo many cards.. But, I find that most of them don’t “speak” to me the way the Osho ones do.. Quite fascinating really.. I love them..


    • It is sooo personal what speaks and what doesn’t. I think this is why I have so many; you can’t really tell from the box. If you click on the link for Eclectic tarot, it gives reveiws of literally hundreds, plus puts up main cards from each, so you can get a better idea than just the shop review or looking at the box. Even so I have got sets I haven’t in the end connected with and have given away.
      And it also varies from time to time what is right.


  4. I use daily meditation books/affirmation books; have done so for years, and more often than not, the affirmation for the day is spot on with where a part of me is at. It helps with my focus and also with just validating some of what I go through……


  5. Hi Viv,

    This is true. I turn to any spritual book or saying for inspiration and guidance. Amazingly the right words come to us at the appropriate time. I close my eyes make a prayer and open a page. The guidance is there!


    • I would love this to work for me but all that comes up is gibberish that I cannot decipher, prayer or no prayer. That said, if I can be quiet for long enough, the guidance will sometimes come direct to my head.
      I might blog about this some more!


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