An interesting visitor?

Today there may have been an interesting visitor on this blog. I posted a comment on Paulo Coelho’s blog and when I checked my stats a while ago, a visitor had come via that comment. But the problem is that my comment was deleted by whoever moderates that blog, one might assume Coelho himself. Rest assured I didn’t put anything inflammatory or rude or troublesome; but for some reason, my comment was deemed not to be worthy of that blog. It did however pique somebody’s curiosity enough to take a swift peek here.

It may have been because in response to a Velaquez nude, I commented upon (not the skill of the MALE artist) but rather the hardship of the FEMALE model, knowing from experience that even apparently reclining poses become agony after more than half an hour.

I’d love to know why my comment didn’t appear. Any thoughts?

Edit: Some hours later my comment has now appeared on the origianl post, and various people remarked the blog had been a bit umpty today but I still don’t know who ended up here. Ah, a good mystery!

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