Can anyone explain Twitter to me in a way that the whole thing becomes even vaguely meaningful?

I joined almost by accident, at the request of a friend from my other blog, Cafe Crem, but he’s now vanished. Since I didn’t stop following him, he must have deleted his account. I must follow that up at some point and ask why. I now have a grand total of five people(or entities) following me. Of them, one is a friend in Gran Canaria(hi Dean!) another is my pal Jenny, whom I have known for years(hi Jenny!) another is a twitter pal of my original friend who I don’t know at all but feel it would be rude to now delete him. The two newest are a total stranger who has so far failed to answer my direct message about who she is and how we might be connected, and finally, last night the strangest of them all turned up.

The Henson Company is now following me. Yes, you got it, the guys who made the Muppets, created the creatures for such delights as Dark Crystal, Labyrinth and more recently, Farscape and many other films and TV shows.


Well, in trying to get into the spirit of the thing, I tweeted that I was spending the afternoon watching DVDs of Farscape and eating popcorn.

When I checked my emails before bed, that was what I found.

Barmy. It’s obviously either an automated system that picks up on key words, or some poor sod really needs to get a life or a better job.

For about a week, I(along with an enormous horde) followed comedian Stephen Fry, until I got very bored with it all. I liked him until then but he revealed himself to be not only the creatorof the term Luvvie but the very epitome of the term.

I simply do not understand it all. Oh, it’s nice to get little snippets of things about a few people I know and am far from, but the rest I don’t get. I’ve tried, believe me. It’s beyond me.

Politicians and celebrities are now all flocking to Twitter and it’s the politicians that annoy me. Go and do your flippin’ job, and stop arsing around pretending to be hip and cool and up-to-date. I(and I imagine a lot of people) don’t care if you are up-to-date with the latest fads; we only want that you do the job WE pay you for. I don’t want blow-by-blow accounts of the life of Gordon Brown; I doubt Mrs Brown does, even. I don’t want a minute by minute account of the day of David Cameron.

I saw a brief feature on the news about the uses of Twitter; some guy tweeted from Paris to ask what he could do there. That is so stupid; buy a guidebook, do some research! If you have Twitter on your phone, then you also have internet access on the move. Try something new for yourself, for heavens’ sake, don’t wait till someone says “Oh you must try the little Bistro near Notre Dame!”. Walk around and look around you. Someone has to be first and take a little tiny risk.

I cannot see that Twitter enhances my life in any real way beyond occasional messages from a few people who would maybe email or text me if there was anything really interesting happening. It’s a lie that we need to be in constant contact with each other about every little thing that occurs. We don’t. It doesn’t make me feel more connected with humanity, or anything like that. If anything it does the opposite. When it comes down to it, what can they do if I have a bad day other than say nice things? Can they appear (as if by magic like the shopkeeper in Mr Ben) and do something about it? No. Sadly they can’t. My family and friends(here) and neighbours can at least pass me a hanky and make me a cuppa.

So in a little while when I’ve got my face on, I’m off to meet a friend for a cup of coffee and a good old face-to-face chin wag. I don’t do it very often because life is busy and going to get busier, but it is important that we make time to BE with people when we can, and in the end, I do wonder if instant sound-bites are going to take up so much of people’s time that they stop finding time for the real business of connecting with people in a deeper and more meaningful way.

7 thoughts on “Twitter

    • There is a little more to Facebook, but yes, trivial is very much the word. I use Facebook a bit because people from work expect it but even so, I would delete it if it were possible. As it is you can only deactivate your account; this annoys me a lot. And stopping would mean questions etc and I am simply not prepared to field the kind of questions that might come. Someone who i blocked a year ago has been creating supposedly amusing pictures of us all and posting them and there’s nothing I can do about it; if I deactivate now, it will seem like I am in a snit about that and stomping off to sulk.
      Oh the issues of cyberspace and cyber bullying are not limited to the young, sadly!


  1. Hiya! Well, I am quite enjoying Twitter, but merely because I find it ridiculously amusing to have a little window into certain celebrities’ lives. I find I quite like Stephen Fry’s “luvvieness” and Jonathan Ross’ has two of the most adorable pigs. Now I wouldn’t have known about those two, without Twitter. *chuckle* I have to say that it doesn’t rule my life and unless I’m doing computery stuff, I don’t even think about it. I haven’t even considered looking for any Politicians to follow and doubt I would ever consider them interesting enough to follow. For me, its just a source of mild amusement. I suspect I don’t take it seriously at all – which is probably a good thing. LOL


  2. Hi Viv,

    So far Twitter hasn’t made a dent into either my schema or theirs (the two awkwardly-upright creatures I live with.) They don’t want to be on face-book – they feel that they might end up hurting people. Humans are funny…they expect everyone who they are remotely acquainted with, to add them to their “contacts” – and when their expectations aren’t met, then they feel hurt!

    My contact-list is fairly limited. The canine contacts are limited to the dogs I meet on my walks, and the human ones – well, I don’t have many. But then to be Twittering, I guess you need to be a human or a…bird?!

    Licks n wags,


  3. Hi Viv,

    I agree with you. Even facebook sometimes get annoying. I find that all these stuff takes us away from experiencing the real life as it is.

    We spend more time on our computers than watching the sun rise or set. We do not seem to have time to see the flowers blooming or to have a little chat with friends.

    Take Care


    • Absolutely, Shweta!
      That said, I heard the dawn chorus this morning, but not by choice. My dog got me out of bed at 4.30, because she needed to go out! I was too tired and sleepy to appreciate it really. I got a double soaking at work yesterday and was feeling unwell last night and have woken with a sore throat; got a busy day today and a long long day at work on Saturday, and we’re due sleet as well as rain and I’ll be out in it ALL day Saturday!


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