Separation anxiety

….that is separation from my home!

I really hate going away; I hate the process of getting ready, all the essential but tedious preparations. Mounds of laundry to clear, things to clean and tidy, packing….It doesn’t matter in the end where I’m going or for how long. I just get upset  and anxious about it all. Remembering to get certain things done or put certain things in the packing simply winds me up to snapping point very quickly.

I gave up for a while today, took the dog out and when we got back I went to bed for a snooze. It hasn’t helped really. I’ve still got a lot to do and we’re off tomorrow.

I’m just hoping I can keep it together enough so I get in the car tomorrow without having done or said anything dreadful.

3 thoughts on “Separation anxiety

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  2. That is a tough one; we are preparing for a big trip for our family to Florida next week for seven days; the list is running through my head pretty constantly of all of the things to do before we leave. I write down my lists, and try to actively calm my speedy mind so I can enjoy the process a bit more. Hope that you got off well yesterday…..


  3. I am with you viv! I too don’t like the packing and unpacking and the stess of going off somewhere. I suppose we are content with the situation we are in and quite happywith ourselves!



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