Good Friday

Good Friday


(me to Jesus/Jesus to me)


Nail me to that cross again

Why don’t you?

You’ve done it before

And you’ll do it again.

Here, I’ll even hold

My hands out for you,

Pass the hammer,

Hold the nail steady.

Bang! It’s done,

All over, bar the shouting.

Long day, arms outstretched,

Breath ragged, pain white hot.

Sky darkens, night begins.

Death, a relief, a release,

The cool of the tomb

A simple comfort, unexpected

After the heat of the day.

Comfort too in acceptance

Of the inevitable, peace even.

Sleep now: the worst is over.


I wrote this three years ago but it still holds true. A little late, but for me true frequently.

2 thoughts on “Good Friday

  1. Beyond a point, death begins to look comfortable and inviting. Living life is all about pushing your threshold higher while habituating yourself to numb the pain, so that your mind can concentrate on finding the methods to remove the source of pain.

    I think that those lines that you wrote have at least two different interpretations. I chose this because it’s closer to my heart.

    I love the way you string the words together:) They are feather-soft on your emotions while they establish a powerful connection with your thoughts.

    Licks n wags,


    • While I was away, I talked with a good friend and mentioned about the horrid experiment where they put frogs in water and then heated it up; the frogs were able to accustom themselves to the growing heat and died. Frogs put straight into boiling water leaped straight out and saved themselves. This is what happens to people; they accustom to something that will kill them.
      I really, REALLY don’t want to go back to work today….


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