Three wishes

Three wishes.


Every time I reach breaking point,

I find that I do not break.

Every time I reach the end of my tether,

I find that the tether is made of elastic.

Every time I think in pain I can’t go on,

I find that somehow against the odds, I do.

Sometimes I wish that I might break,

Shattering into a million relieved fragments,

Sparkling like road-crash diamonds

Both beautiful and horrible at once.

I wish that when I feel that collar

Press and pull my aching throat,

That it would snap, burst asunder

And leave me sprawling on the ground.

And I wish more than anything,

That when I feel I can’t possibly go on,

Tired and worn from trying too hard,

I might be given grace and space to stop.


10 thoughts on “Three wishes

    • Thank you.
      When I was a kid, I used to think broken windscreen glass was beautiful until I picked a piece up and it cut me..


    • You are very welcome; I saw the referral and followed it back. I gather that you wear(or maybe not) the dogcollar?
      If it is any comfort, I wrote that poem some years ago, and somehow or other I am still in one piece, perhaps because I have had those moments of grace to stop.
      thank you for visiting.


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