The Block

A while ago, I did a guided meditation to the Well of Wyrd, and part of the meditation was receiving a gift.

That gift was a wooden block, a cube of wood.

I mused over this for some time; various people made helpful suggestions and then I forgot about it.

Now I don’t have a terribly sophistocated subconscious. It tends to prefer the obvious, in case, being  a bit thick at times, I might miss the message. I played word association with it and got nowhere.

So for the writer, what is the obvious association of the word, “Block”? Easy. Writer’s block.

I don’t deny I am blocked right now. Writing a blog is easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy; the odd stanza of poetry ripples out from time to time. But the real work, the racing narrative that fills my head and peoples my imagination with real living breathing sweating beings, has gone. I’m dead inside. 

What I really cannot work out, now I understand what the gift actually is, is how on earth a block, a wretched Writer’s Block can be a gift at all. Unless my subconscious is playing games too clever for me(Gift being German for poison, but German being my fourth or fifth language) I simply can’t see how this could be seen to be a gift at all.

Unless the universe or God or whatever is actually a sadistic entity with a rather sick, slick sense of humour, that is.

If I were feeling a tad more chipper, I’d think of a positive metaphor, something about whipping out my Exacto-knife and whittling that block into something more useful. But both a decent metaphor and the enthusiasm to use it are eluding me right now.

So the closest I can think of is to regard that hopeless lump of wood as a doorstop, to wedge open some metaphysical door a little so I can maybe come back and peer through when I’m ready. I’m only hoping the door doesn’t magically become tiny in the meantime. I look enough like an antiquated Alice to worry about that and avoid giant caterpillars smoking dodgy substances. Right now, any caterpillars ought to guard their hookahs with great care….


4 thoughts on “The Block

  1. Excellent deduction – writer’s block. God isn’t a sadistic entity. God just is. Tension. You don’t need to have the answer, just an awareness of the sensation, the question. Don’t give in to the feeling, go with it, go into it. Hold the tension and something will emerge, a possibility that you hadn’t perceived. Check out the Axiom of Maria.

  2. I took this from Daryl Sharp’s book, The Jung Lexicon:

    – – – – – – – – – –

    Axiom of Maria. A precept in alchemy: “One becomes two, two becomes three, and out of the third comes the one as the fourth.”

    Jung used the axiom of Maria as a metaphor for the whole process of individuation. One is the original state of unconscious wholeness; two signifies the conflict between opposites; three points to a potential resolution; the third is the transcendent function; and the one as the fourth is a transformed state of consciousness, relatively whole and at peace.

    – – – – – – – – –

    This concept continues with the idea of quaternity as well as the circular spiral of life, an idea that is found in all non-technological societies such as the North American aboriginal populations. Think of the urobos which feeds on itself, perpetually devouring aspects of self to recreate self. The ultimate goal, becoming one, SELF, the God.

    • Many thanks for clarifying that. I’ve heard a phrase, squaring the circle, that has echoes of this.
      I woke this morning with some rather definite ideas for the blocked creativity; it’s not a full-blown movie show in my head yet, more a radio half heard in the next room. But then I spent some hours today slaving over an application form for a job and I think I’m trying not to get drawn in too soon or too deep.
      I often meditate on the symbol of the spiral, and walk labyrinths when I can.

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