Resurrection Birds

I’ve had a version of this dream a good four times in the last six months and it’s begun to bug me.

Yesterday morning I dreamed that my husband had pointed out to me a pile of black feathers, clearly from a sparrowhawk strike on a blackbird. There is a sparrowhawk that does visit our garden, which made a strike on a starling while I was standing abour four feet away last week. The suggestion in the dream was that I might want to save the feathers to use for some craft work, to decorate a dream catcher of something of that ilk; I pick up and collect feathers for that purpose all the time. I scooped up the loose and damaged feathers only to discover I had a live, intact blackbird in my hands, his beak gaping wide like a chick demanding feeding. I’ve handled a lot of wildlife in my time and I find wild creatures often trust me and so in the dream I asked for a handful of bird feed and with the bird in one hand and the seeds in the other, I allowed the newly restored bird to feed, watching it pick out the golden kernels of maize.

As I said before, I’ve had this dream before, with variations. A bird(almost always but sometimes a small animal) that was indisputably dead, returns to life when I hold it.

I don’t know what to make of it, even having had it several times. I know what I’d like to think it means but I almost daren’t hope. I’d value thoughts, even though this may prove misleading if I follow them too closely and not my own.


6 thoughts on “Resurrection Birds

  1. Well, Viv, it looks to me as though these dreams are signalling a rebirth of “spiri.” Birds are symbolic of air and spirit, aspects of the masculine animus. “Almost dead” talks about denial and neglect. Since you mention “hope,” there is indeed “hope.” The “golden kernels of maize” are representative of the “sun” of energy.

    For me, it appears as though there is a shifting within that is occurring. You are being made aware of this activity – without the requirement to do anything other than to be aware of the activity other that to allow change when change approaches.

    Of course, this is my intuitive take, not to be taken as any gospel. What “feels” right for you is the true meaning of your dream.

    • That goes very much along with my own thoughts, so thank you. As I’ve stated recently, I’m in the process of applying for new jobs, career changes and possible new study.
      Oh and the blackbird is a druid’s bird, very much part of the mythic tales of that worldview, and a bard’s bird.

  2. I hope that I wasn’t too “sure” in my comments. Sometimes I sound too much like a teacher, therapist, authority figure.

  3. I haven’t read any of the other responses but, to me, it sounds as if you will experience a rebirth. You will come out of the darkness (black feathers) and into the light–if you will only allow your spirit (the bird with open mouth) to be feed.

    Also, I have had many recurring dreams in my life. Once I figure out why, I stop having them. Some were based on real-life events. Such as, I dreamed about a ‘swinging bridge’ every night of my life, until my mother took me to my paternal grandfather’s house when he was on his deathbed (she had been estranged from that side of the family for years). Once I saw the bridge, which led to the house I was BORN in, I stopped having the dream.

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