A bit of fun…

If you fancy a little wander around an enchanted forest and discover what your power animal is, then the attached link will give you a smile. Don’t take it too seriously though…



4 thoughts on “A bit of fun…

  1. How cool..

    I’m “The Giraffe”.. (Laughing, given my height in real life – 160cm)..

    Thanks for sharing.. Was fun to do..

    • It amuses me! I do it when I’m feeling low and it makes me laugh; I’ve been quite a few over the year or so I have had the link. Nice pictures though, and the info is interesting. I try not to get cross about the merchandising though because that’s about standard; I guess they need to make money somewhere..

  2. It was quite a fun little journey. I’m the Koala and while I am a pretty sound sleeper I am not so sure I’d be able to sleep that well in a tree!!!

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