Click to give

This link takes you to a breast cancer fund raising page; every time you click, a mammogram is provided for a woman in the US who is unable to pay for it. This is entirely funded by the sponsors who advertise on the site but it does need people clicking daily to get those mammograms.

5 thoughts on “Click to give

  1. Well done!!
    I’ve been clicking for some years now; it’s small things that make the world go round a bit better, I guess.


  2. Hi viv66!

    Please post this to your site► People who want to raise funds this coming Susan G Komen 3-DayRace For The Cure, you can buy bulk Pink Merchandise for low prices at this site:

    If you’re also planning to help and raise fund you may also visit the site.

    Thank you! May we help many people through this. 🙂


    • While this is technically spam I have with reluctance approved it because of the cause you are promoting. I won’t be posting it to my site as such because I feel being approached like this is unappropriate. If you are yourself doing the marketting, then please consider a better way of approaching blogs and websites as most of these will end in the spam.
      If it happens again I will delete it as spam.


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