A small frenzy of haikus

The other day I had time to kill while waiting for students and having written my very first haiku ever(posted over at cafe crem) I sat on a bench in the town centre and wrote a few more…


Sunshine, no showers

Sandals, trainers, flip-flops

High heels or flat sole?



Sun on chilled skin

Breeze tangles my wild hair

I wait in street



Sore feet, blistered toes

Too tight trainers, my bad!

Putting feet up soon



Present for my mum

New sketchbook for me, yippee!

Shopping now over with


# 5

I sit writing stuff

Killing time, I wait to live

When will life begin?



White clouds, blue sky too

Sheep on azure field grazing

Watch out all below!

6 thoughts on “A small frenzy of haikus

  1. Thank you Pugs!!
    I had fun writing them; it’s kind of relaxing getting your message over in 17 syllables. Better than Twitter anyway!!


    • the week just got worse and worse… by Thursday I was ready to phone in sick!! I went right off the French, let’s just put it like that; you just can’t please some people!!!


  2. Now about that “waiting to live,” haiku … life has begun and is in process. Killing time is killing “self.” Even in the moments of boredom there is something “present” that is worth investing time, energy and self.

    Yes, I can see how the haiku bug has caught you. It does let go. But, like any exotic disease, it comes back like a relapse, to haunt your soul.


    • I couldn’t agree more about the whole killing time thing; I have had a poem hovering in my mind for ages about killing time and finding the murderer.
      It’s just a phrase, though, though it did reflect quite aptly how I was feeling that day, of how utterly pointless my existence felt that day. The group I was working with were demanding AND ungrateful, a combination that is uncomfortable to work with.


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