Woop woop!

Post has just arrived and along with it, a letter from one of the schools I applied for a few weeks ago. I’ve been invited for a taster day, where I can meet relevant staff, watch some lessons and be observed and interrogated for the chance for an actual interview…

I’m going to try and find a suit in the meantime that a) fits, and b) doesn’t make me look like an undertaker’s assistant. And trust that whatever happens is meant to be…

6 thoughts on “Woop woop!

    • I’m pleased but nervous, Shelley. I really, really need a proper fulltime job that pays better than the one I do right now, and this one is literally next door. MY bedroom window overlooks the school. I guess it’s whether a) they’ve already got inside candidates lined up and b) whether my face fits.


  1. This is excellent! When is the taster day??

    I will cross fingers and everything else that can be crossed!!

    I agree with Oorvi – your face fits perfectly!

    With warmest wishes and best of luck


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