Normal service will be resumed…

…just as soon as I catch up with myself!

I’ve struggled valiantly through the week, despite having the worst cold I have had in years, and got through with applause. When I told my French students on Wednesday that I wouldn’t be with them for the Thursday excursion, they all groaned and then I got a spontaneous round of applause. It wasn’t an easy week. I’m down two and a half senses at least; my sense of taste and smell have left me entirely and my hearing was reduced to very little due to ears blocked up. Since our driver this week spoke no English, I had the amusing challenge of navigating round England in French, harder still because I can’t actually hear myself speak. So God alone knows what my French sounded like! One of the teachers, Virginie, said it was fine and she understood it perfectly, so that’s all right, I guess. I hate navigating anyway. Jose the driver had GPS but it did end up directing him into the carpark of City Hall in Norwich rather than onto the ring road. Obviously a common enough event as the car park chap just waved us back out again without apparent rancour.

So, today I aim to catch up with my chores at home and take it easy if I can. I’m off work next week (no students in the school at all) so I shall try and do some preparation for the teaching the following week as well as for the Taster Day and hopefully the interview.

Oh and as a joyful extra, this weekend we plan to reroof the shed. We were going to paint the hall, landing and stairs, but since the weather is due to be glorious we’ve compromised and decided to go buy paint etc and wait till a wet weekend for that little delight.

I’m praying for a drought…

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