A meditation

Crystal Cave Meditation

 For this meditation you may like to have a crystal to focus on; a geode works especially well. Remember to turn the phone off and make sure you are not going to be interrupted. Using either soft music or a natural sounds tape of perhaps a stream will enhance the experience but is not essential as long as you have reasonable quiet around you.


Breathe slowly but without forcing it. Allow yourself to relax and become calm but alert. Let your eyes close naturally and become still.


You walking along in the cool air of an underground passage; the tunnel is lit with softly flickering candles in niches along the walls. The sweet smell of beeswax reaches you every time you pass a niche and your movement causes the candlelight to flicker. It’s very peaceful here and you sense that many people have come along here before; it’s totally safe. The carefully smoothed walls of the tunnel glisten and gleam in the candlelight; when you touch them they are slightly damp and slippery to the touch.


Continue along; the floor slopes steadily but not alarmingly and after a while you come to an opening ahead of you where a light gleams. Go through the opening. You are in a large cave, lit only by candlelight. A single candle floats in a pool of very clear water in the centre of the cave. It seems far lighter in here than you might expect from just one candle and you look round for the reason.


The whole cave is lined with the finest and most lovely crystals you can imagine. You are inside a living geode, a bubble of earth where crystals have grown for centuries. The light from the single candle is reflected from each facet of the tens of thousands of crystals that cover every inch of the walls and ceiling of the cave.


It’s simply breathtaking.


You sit down near the pool of water, there is a low stool carved from oak and you find it very comfortable. As you sit and marvel and the cave, you notice something else. The pool of water is not still; bubbles rise steadily from the centre and you see now that water softly spills over one end of the natural stone bowl, and into a groove in the floor where it trickles away with a lovely sound like living music.


Sit quietly and enjoy the radiance of the earth-born crystals and the music of the earth-born waters. The air is cool and fresh and moist and any difficulties you may have had with breathing vanish in this pure healing air. You feel deeply peaceful and at one with the earth. Touch the water and scoop a little in your hand and bathe your face with it; feel the worries and cares melt away.


Stay as long as you wish, feeling the deep healing this place gives to any who visit, and when you feel it is time to return to the outer world, whisper your prayers to the cave. They will be heard.


As you leave, your movement sets the candle flickering and the light dances and casts rainbows across your face. 

Return up the stone passage way and find yourself back where you began. Breathe deeply and when you are ready open your eyes. You are home.   


         I wrote this after I found a geode on the beach today;  I was sorely in need of some peace and I hope that you will find some reading this as I did writing it. 

9 thoughts on “A meditation

  1. This is wonderful and peaceful.
    I would love to experince this as a guided audio meditation backed by the sound of trickling water.


    • I was tempted to do a Jean-Luc Picard and declare, “Make it so!”
      As you may know I’m in the process of writing a book of meditations using aromatics as a starting point, but the small publisher I’m in discussion with has been unable to make a decision as one of the couple has been seriously ill, and assessing proposals isn’t the first thing on their agenda right now. I filed this meditation in the same file as the aromatic ones but it isn’t in the same remit but at least I can share it here.
      You never know maybe it will one day happen!!


  2. A great guided meditation, Viv. I have used these when working with some of my previous clients, especially when it was important to go deep into their consciousness in order to deal with childhood issues. I look forward to the book.


    • Thank you!
      It’s gonna take a while especially as I’m still waiting for the heads-up from the publisher to actually write it but I suspect I will anyway!


  3. It has been years since I tried this sort of guided meditation. It’s lovely. Have you ever heard of a software called Journey to the Great Divine? This makes me think of it.


    • A friend of mine had this software and she was going to pass it on to me but couldn’t find all the bits. Is this the one with the bio-feedback stuff?
      As I said, I’m writing a book of these sorts of guided meditations, using aromatics such as incense, fruit, flowers, essential oils etc as the basis.
      I’m so glad you like it Alice. I popped over to yours this morning and I saw you’re having a really hard time of it. I’m thinking of you!


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