Too tired to…

…do anything, much…

But I still have to write my lesson plan for tomorrow, despite the fact that frankly today’s was a complete waste of time. No one let us know in advance that the highest level class was pre-Intermediate at best. I got the second from bottom, a little above elementary. One of my colleagues had brought in Intermediate work, on the assumption that since the age we’d been told was 14/15 years old, that was roughly the level. I didn’t see her at break to find out how she got on; she got the lowest class.

The kids were nice, though, and I know their teachers from the last two years. But due to yet another administrative blunder, there were insufficient staff to cover the afternoon activities, so I stepped manfully into the breach. I’ve walked miles, this afternoon, as well as the miles to and from school. Plus, (wah!) I didn’t expect to be doing anything but going home at lunchtime, I had no lunch with me, I had my briefcase and not my rucksack, and I hadn’t put any suncream on. So I got home at about half five, ravenously hungry, sun burned and with aching hands from carrying a heavy briefcase all day.

I’ve now eaten, soothed the burns with aftersun and my hands sort of work again, and I’m putting off the moment when I begin my lesson plan for tomorrow. There’s been a lot of things to annoy me today but these are the few I feel I can share.

Once I’ve done my plan, and maybe the one for Thursday, I’m running a bath and turning into a jellyfish…

12 thoughts on “Too tired to…

  1. I turned into a jellyfish earlier after what seemed like a long day. I hope that tomorrow will be a better day for you with less administrative blunders.


    • So do I. There’s a lot going on no one is telling us/me about and it worries the hell out of me.
      Lesson plan for tomorrow now complete.
      I hear the call of the sea….

      • I know how it feels to sense that there are things going on that is being kept from me.
        Follow the call of the sea!!!

      • I decided a shower was better as I am not sure I could get out of the bath once my muslces unlock.
        I knew from first thing that something was going on, but no one was talking yet…

      • Hopefully soon you won’t have to worry anymore. Roll on wednesday when you get to wear your sharp new suit!!

      • I’ll get a whole other set of worries instead if I let it…
        I had hoped to have my new purple shoes but the shoemaker hasn’t rung me to let me know they’re finished so i can send the cheque. I’m having a pair of reproduction Tudor shoes made, which are very like the classic Mary jane style shoes. This, believe it or not, is my Christmas present; it just took a while to choose what colour I wanted ‘cos I wanted all the colours she did…

  2. One of the things I loathed about teaching was all the preparations you have to make in advance, all the planning, structuring, choice of helping materials and all the checking of homework and essays afterwards. It’s so unrewarding because things never go as per plan. There is a multitude of factors that may cause your lesson to fail or considerably affect efficiency. It’s a formidable trial of patience and mental and emotional stability.
    However, teaching has helped me develop my ability to communicate with all sorts of people and perform in front of a crowd. But most importantly, it has helped me realize that giving is my source of happiness. Giving in the form of helping others grow by providing non-judgmental love and encouragement, by enhancing the self-respect and self-confidence of others.
    Although I have a very different job now, I believe this continues to be my mission in life.

    • I don’t mind planning but I do mind the fact that I am now required to produce a plan for every lesson but at the same rate of pay as before, so I don’t get any pay for the time I spend planning.
      I’ve never had a problem about getting up and performing; I’m a natural performer, and often a natural clown. I overacted and pulled faces and stuff all morning today. I am my own best prop, after all. But I deviated a fair bit from my plan, because it just worked better that way and I can say for certain all my class learned loads.
      What is your job now? I’m curious to know how your greater sense of mission ties in with what pays your bills.

      • Well, I am not at all a natural performer and it took me a lot of time and energy to overcome my resistance to stand in front of an audience.
        Your students must be very fond of you.

        For two years I have been working as a translator/interpreter for a company where the foreign partners acquired the majority of shares. However, as almost all the employees’ as well as most of the bosses’ knowledge of English is rather poor or non-existent, I ended up being some sort of intermediary in various types of interpersonal relationships and knowing almost everyone’s confidential matters. Sometimes I feel my mind is going to explode.

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