…I didn’t get it.

No second interview.

Internal candidate was smug all day.

Go figure.


6 thoughts on “Damn

    • My daughter loves that series.
      I went to my beekeeping class and enjoyed making frames; even though I did slash my thumb open with my pocket knife, it was fun.

  1. I have just left a comment on your other blog asking how today went and now I know! I am really sorry you didn’t get it. It is their loss.
    I will keep my fingers crossed that something better will come up soon.


    • I suspect I was heavily over qualified for what they were after, not merely in terms of bits of paper.
      That said, the deputy head who rang me did say that I came across as very able and very knowledgable and if a suitable position came up to suit my skills they would be in contact. I’m not holding my breath though.
      It would have been nice to go into work tomorrow knowing I had something better to look forward to in September. I can’t begin to go into what’s going on on a public forum like this blog but it makes me very uncomfortable and I do want out.
      Never mind, I guess.

  2. I agree. this is not the right place to go into whatever is really going on at your work and I get the feeling it is a cause for concern. I have been through so many weird mind/power games in different jobs, which always left me desperate to get out.
    Being over qualified surely means that you could have brought so much more to that school, unless of course your qualifications made them feel inferior and afraid that if they gave you the job their own weaknesses would be revealed!

    If you need to get things off your chest, you know how to reach me without it being in the public domain.

    • THanks. I probably will.
      I woke up crying this morning, but it was in a dream I wanted to call someone who died over a year ago and I realised I couldn’t and it set me off and I woke up in tears.
      I also agree I could have brought a lot to the school but I think there might well be a lot of truth in the whys you suggest.

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