Work related injury

I’m pretty sure the title is going to bring me a lot of Spam and a good few google references but hey ho, what the heck!

On Tuesday afternoon while showing students round Norwich cathedral I had a freak accident. I couldn’t repeat it if I tried, I’m sure. I managed to poke myself in the eye with the sharp corner of a plastic document protector that was covering my notes. It hurt rather a lot, even at the start, and I whizzed off to the loos to be able to see what I’d done as well as remove the mascara that was now running with the tears and making things worse.

I couldn’t see any damage, but then it’s quite hard to see your own eye, so I put in some drops and went back and reported the incident to the virger in charge of such things. By the time the group (47 French students aged 11/12) were ready to move on, the pain was increasing rather than decreasing. It started feeling like a white hot needle through the eyeball. I continued the tour with one eye screwed shut and a tissue clamped over it. My colleague for the day was new and had never done the tour before; I suspect he’s going to be absolute pants at it when he does. He makes up for lack of colour and verve in personality by having tattoos and piercings instead.

Once the students had dispersed for free time, I went and sat down at Starbuck’s to try and compose myself. The pain waxed and waned and sometimes I thought it was going away only to be almost floored by it. I sent a text to my husband to ask that he meet me from the bus so he could take me to A+E. He rang me back to suggest I went in Norwich. I couldn’t do that as the new guy was so clueless so I said I would wait. The journey home was interesting as an exercise in self control. I had to keep one eye open to make sure the French driver went the right way but thankfully, this chap was a super driver and didn’t need any help at all. I don’t think anyone heard my occasional whimpers.

I bundled off the bus, reported briefly to the staff member who was meeting the bus and went to A+E.

Unlike many times, I didn’t have to wait long before seeing one of the nicest doctors I’ve ever seen. Result was I was told I had a tiny scratch on the eyeball, that it would be OK by Friday and was given drops of varying sorts and some co-codadmol. I also got the explanation of why it hurt so much; basically the pain causes the pupil to contract suddenly sending the whole eye into a very painful spasm. I’ve been wearing dark glasses even at home and while it still hurts a bit, it’s not agony.

Needless to say I had to ring in sick yesterday morning, losing me a day’s pay. There was no way I was going to come in to try and teach a class of lively kids when I’d have to wear glasses like a celeb avoiding the papparazzi, let alone the pain issue and the fact that i coulnd’t see properly. If I’d felt more supported at work I would have asked if I could have had an assistant that day but as it’s not that sort of place any more, I didn’t. I spent a quiet day listening to music and reading with one eye.

One very curious thing though.

Having become temporarily like Odin, I had extraordinary dreams that night and again last night, full of symbols and meaning.

I may write more of them later


6 thoughts on “Work related injury

  1. Oh, You poke your eye! Must have been painful. Amazing how you could stand the pain for a few hours. I don’t think I would have been able to. You have really good self-control.

    Hope the pain will go away soon.

    (I am looking forward to read the extraordinary dreams you had)

    • That’s what the doctor said when he put the drops in to numb the eye, because it hurts like crazy when they go in; I asked if I could swear and he said yes. “Bollocks!” I hissed. he thought that was quite moderate, as did the doc in the next cubicle. I said it was just such a relief to be able to swear at all as I didn’t want the English the kids learned to be obscenities!
      As I said, the pain at its worst was intermittent and not constant, a kind of long drawn out pulsing.
      I’m much better today but no work today anyway. My group go home this morning. I have some unexpected tuition for Friday though which makes up for the money I lost .
      I’m not actually up and dressed yet so I’ll have my coffee, do a few chores and then write some more!!

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