Lost and Found

Last week, I lost my wedding ring. It’s not my real wedding ring which is too small to wear when my joints swell up with the occasional bout of arthritis, but one my husband bought me on our 20th wedding anniversary. It was made of fairtrade silver from Bali and had a central band of Celtic knots that spins independently of the rest of the ring. I’ve had a lot of entertainment from that ring (I’m a simple soul, really)

I searched high and low and even ended up cleaning into corners that had been untouched for months. Not a sign. But I found: the dog’s tennis ball, a couple of errant tubs of lipbalm belonging to various members of the household, a pendant I had bought as a birthday present for someone and then lost (it was under my printer!) an assortment of other small things and a lot of dust bunnies. I even emptied bins and the hoover, and the recycling bin.

I came to the conclusion that the faeries had nicked it. I know how silly this sounds to people who don’t believe in faeries, but my experience is that there are beings who are very playful and sometimes very naughty who move items in some houses. I’m not actually disorganised as such and I’m not untidy, but there have been times when things of vital use have vanished utterly from where all can confirm they were put and despite frantic searching, of every possible corner, pocket, bag, box and shelf, the item is not there. I once had my car keys vanish when I needed them urgently and having turned out my pockets repeatedly and tear the house apart, I found them an hour later…IN THE POCKET I HAD TURNED INSIDE OUT, in front of witnesses. The same happened with the candlestick from Cluedo; it turned up in the murder envelope, which had previously been empty of all but the 3 cards.

The house we had in Darkest Norfolk was especially prone to this sort of episode; it affected guests and inhabitants alike. That house had darker secrets I may write about another time, but it’s not for today.

I can’t express my relief to find the ring again nor my amusement at the means of recovery.

I was getting dressed after my usual shower, and I went into my undies drawer for clean underpinnings, and as I pulled out a pair of knickers, the ring seemingly materialised from inside them.

Well, where else do you return a wedding ring? It seems the faeries have a naughty sense of humour !

18 thoughts on “Lost and Found

  1. Hmmm – these naughty fairies may have visited here too as i have a few items I have given up searching for. Items I am 100% sure where I put them!!!

    I am happy to hear you found your wedding ring.

    Have fun collecting your bees today!



    • usually when I have given up, I say, outloud, OK faeries, can I have it back now please? generally it reappears within 24 hours or so. And yes, you do have to say it outloud!
      Bees are now in our hive, but still in the garden of the donor so we go over at about 9pm tonight and tuck them up, block up the entrance and put hive carefully in our car and then move it to the land we’re using for it. We had a wonderful time with them this morning; they have to be some of the gentlest and easiest going bees in the world.
      Fingers crossed we make it successfully there without mishap in the winding Suffolk roads!!


      • I will try that approach.

        I am excited on your behalf about the bees and I am thrilled to learn that they are gentle and easy going. Gentle and easy going is always good. I would be inclined to keep these babies in my garden but I suspect your neighbours may have a problem with that!!
        I have started reading Strangers and Pilgrims and I am feeling really excited to get further into the story….


      • I am glad.
        It was (and forgive me if I sound inappropriately teenage in using the phrase, which belongs more with surf dudes than with middleaged teachers like me) AWESOME to talk on Friday. I felt like I’ve known you for years.
        Strangers and Pilgrims is the one most recently completed, but Fish Out Of Water is about the faeries (sort of).
        I’ve got a busy week ahead but I’d like to have the chance to maybe get back into the book I’ve been holding off from getting into. I also want to do some more short stories; relatively instant gratification I guess. Short stories are like chocolate, but a novel is a five course banquet; the first is pretty easy to obtain and consume and gives a fix, but the second takes much longer to prepare, and consume and gives a much greater rate of nutrition.
        That said, I have eaten more chocolate literally and metaphorically in the last year or so than i have banquets and it may be time to start another banquet…


  2. Give me your address viv, I will be catching the first flight over there equipped with my camera and media friends! Lol kidding.

    Amazing, your fairy friends seem to like you very much! Magical! Now, if only magical things like this will happen to me.


    • hahahaha…
      I know how kooky it all sounds and how unbalanced and well, a bit mad, but my experience is simply that there are a lot of levels of existence we do not know much about. The folklore about faeries and so on can’t all be dismissed as superstition and ignorance. I do believe that there is a real strata of truth to all of it. I can dismiss the stories, but I can’t so easily dismiss the evidence of my own senses, not when things happen again and again.
      The Bible speaks of “things seen and unseen” in terms of beings like angels and so on, and I do believe that there are entities which are not human but are also intelligent and have their own agendas. Some of those agendas are human friendly and some empathically are not. Over the years I have built up my own “portfolio” of stories and while some are rather nice, some are definitely not.
      I think simply allowing the possibility of magic existing and things that you can’t rationally explain is the first step to experiencing them.


  3. You are forgiven and if you will forgive me I will use the same phrase; it was awesome to to talk to you too and I too felt like I was talking to a life long friend and look forward to talking again and even more so, meeting you.
    I have a fairly easy week ahead in the sense that I am not doing any college shifts until friday. I was there until 1 o’clock this morning but it was an absolute pleasure. It was a wedding and every single one of the guests were lovely. Usually there’s at least one idiot amongst the crowd. Not last night. I walked home with a smile on my face.
    I am on page 7 of Strangers & Pilgrims and already I have taking a liking to Sara who I have only just been introduced to. Somehow I sense a bit of you in her!!


    • It’s funny and it’s not something I dare say to everyone, for what will become obvious reasons, but every character I write is a reflection of at least one facet of my own self. I said this to my friend Sarah and she was horrified, because I did also mean the not-so-nice ones and she had been appalled by a few of them!!!
      I am glad you had a nice evening too; it does make a difference to how you feel afterwards if the people were pleasant.
      I am looking forward to saturday too!
      I’m also wondering about what to do and where to go. I don’t want to be too far at any point from Embankment because that’s where the coach picks us up. I guess it also depends on weather, and next week is set to be a heatwave…


      • Don’t worry about what to do. A cup of coffee and good conversation sounds good to me and I am sure there must be a coffee shop near Embankment.


      • Well, lots. I was thinking that as I am free from when we get into London at about 11.30 till 5.30, I can go a fair way. It’s just that the last time I went over to South Kensington to the museums there, the Olympic party in the park was going on and it took us twice as long to walk back as it should because we couldn’t cut through St.James’ park! Also when I went in April we had the G20 summit protest going on and we got stuck because they locked Embankment gardens and I usually sneak through there to where the coach stops!! Nigel will say Oh we can use the Tube but…I’d rather be within easy walking distance(ie, no further than say Bloomsbury and the British Museum). If we arrange to meet somewhere and then decide by looking at the map in the light of weather? If it’s nice, then hanging out in one of the parks is always fun!!


  4. Faeries always seemed particularly British to me. Seems we would have something different over here, mole people or maybe trolls.

    I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a faery taking something and my own ADD. Wouldn’t be much fun for them if I gave myself all the credit!


    • I guess they might seem to be Alice but my other friend Alice (who is native american and lives somehwere round Nashville) often used to mention about the little people stealing or hiding stuff.
      I have a lot of stuff(good word, covers a multitude of sins) because we moved from a big four bed house with massive garden and outbuidlings to a small 3 bed end of terrace and there is a limit to what you can let go of in one go. This means I have a lot less space to put things away tidily. Theoretically this should account for things going missing but it doesn’t. The faeries signature theft(they prefer to refer to it as borrowing) is usually small, shiny, glittery things that are pretty or make a nice noise or similar. They also like to nick things that cause maximum annoyance(keys, jewellery, glasses etc).So I know for a fact that I and not the faeries have lost my copy of T.S.Eliot’s The Four Quartets and that my ring went walkies with a lightfingered member of the little people.
      I bought some faery dust from my local new age store a while back in the hopes that a sprinkle of that would placate them; I think it’s time for a bit of glitter throwing. Maybe in a bottle of bubble mix and blow glittery bubbles…


  5. Haw…haw…bow…wow! Humans n fairies – both have the strangest things in common – including their weird sense of humor! Imagine finding your ring where you found it – and I am sure you weren’t talking about the ring you wear in your belly-button! Were you?

    These two went out to watch Terminator Salvation today. Will they ever grow up? Not in my lifetime, I think.

    Take care of your health and don’t lose your precious ring again. (Am I not the motherly canine?)

    Licks n wags,


    • Much appreciated Oorvi.
      No, I don’t have a belly button ring; wouldn’t mutilate myself in that way!! I don’t really understand the current obsession with piercings and tattoos at all. I don’t think I’d ever know enough of who I am to want to mark my skin forever.
      have a biscuit; they’re your favourite!!


  6. I’m going to pay more attention now. It’s not shiny or glittery, but I swear a box with software in it vanished into thin air, never to be seen again. That has baffled me for months. Maybe I should just ask them to give it back if they have it?


    • Ask, it can’t do any harm.
      They like sugar too; tradtionally making an offering of sugar is said to bribe them into returning things. It also tends to attract ants though…


    • I’m pretty sure this IS spam but if anyone can tell me what it says, I’d be grateful as I don’t read Cyrillic. I suspect it’s medicine spam offering me either pain meds or Viagra!


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