The Secret People

I’ve written a few poems today but it’s kind of in lieu of anything more meaty. I found some stuff in a notebook and it made me think about the whole process of where ideas come from. I’ve put a bit of that over at:

But then words started spinning in my mind and the following was the result. I don’t tend to go for rhyming couplets but it just happened like that, so…


The Secret People


The Secret People are inside my head

The Secret People wait beside my bed

They wait until I fall asleep

Then climb right in and dig in deep

Their voices whisper the whole night long

They tell me stories, they’ll sing their song

Yet when I wake and open my eyes
Their tales are just elaborate lies

Sound and fury and nothing more

And yet they thrill me to the core

Inspiring me to write their words

Before they fly like frightened birds

The Secret People are inside my mind

But the Secret People are never kind

They’ll use me as their living tool

To write their stories and be their fool

Until one day I’ll wake and see

The Secret People have fled from me

6 thoughts on “The Secret People

  1. I love your poems Viv. Each time I come here to read, I feel touched and admire your mind and your play with words.

    This is truly a gift.

    Take Care!


    • Hello Shweta, lovely to see you here again and thank you for your kind words.
      I hope you are feeling better now.


    • I’m a big fan of Neil Gaiman, as you know Pugs, but I don’t really know Shyamalan’s work at all.
      movie version. *giggles* I just felt very much as though the people in my head sometimes take over my life too much!!


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