New Shoes

I have proved beyond any reasonable doubt today that I am female to the core. I am not sure if any of you had doubts about it but I sometimes do. Not the whole gender dysmorphia thing but more a kind of existential nagging worry that somehow I don’t quite measure up as a woman.

You’ll have guessed from the title what has cleared my mind of such doubts. I got new shoes. After all the doom and gloom of the last few days, a parcel arrived filled with such perfection I cannot begin to get over it. For Christmas I was given some money that I earmarked for something a bit nice and different and last summer I found a stall on a craft market in Cambridge that made shoes. I tried a pair on that were lovely but I didn’t have the money then so I took a leaflet and in April I made contact asking about what colours she might use etc. Well after much to-ing and fro-ing(and one false start) my shoes have just arrived and I am delighted. They are the shiny purple of blackcurrants dusted with icing sugar and they are a perfect fit. I have trouble uploading photos here or I’d show you all; plus my camera is in my workbag, locked in a classroom!

Anyway, if you go to you can see examples of her work and very nice it is to. If you thought handmade shoes were a luxury you can’t really afford, well, mine cost about the same as a similar pair from Clarke’s.

My problem now is NOT ordering another six pairs in every colour I can think of. I’m considering turquoise right now…or maybe bubble gum pink.

There, I said it proved it, that I’m a woman. If you have a look at the site, it’ll also tell you I’m a sensible woman who wants shoes that feel good and I can walk in, but the day I start going on about Jimmy Choo’s and high heels is the day you know my body has been invaded by an alien entity. The last time I tried to walk in high heels I fell over.

but….NEW SHOES….*goes off squeaking*

5 thoughts on “New Shoes

  1. In cases like this, there is an old saying in my country which in English would sound approximately this way: “May you wear them and tear them in good health and may you buy some new ones!” 😀


    • What a wonderful saying and how wise too; shoes don’t last forever after all!
      thank you.
      Now I can quote a saying from Bulgaria!


  2. Hi Viv, I just read on J’s site that you were brought home sick. I hope this is not serious. The comment about getting worse has me worried to be honest. Hope you soon will be getting better.


    • If I let myself, I am worried about it to be honest. The stress has been getting to me despite all my best efforts to avoid it. I had a great day on Saturday, went to London with one of my best freinds, made lots of exctiing plans but by Sunday I was feeling the same; dizzy, headache, nausea, spaced out. I’m feeling ratehr that way this morning now.
      Anyway, I’ll tell you more about our plans when J’s back as they also involve him!
      The glass is more than half full, I must beleive that!


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