Being a carrot



There’s days when I feel little more than a human vegetable and on one such day, Retired Eagle posted a few thoughts that tickled me. If you go to: and scroll down till you find the article called On being a Happy carrot.

It tickled me because immediately I started thinking can you be an UNhappy carrot. I play with words a lot (small things for small minds) and the idea of either was beautifully absurd and I began to ponder the meaning for me.

I played with the idea of the interim state of awakening and becoming alive and aware and that stage being the unhappy, the uneasy carrot.

To be honest, I think maybe I have a sadistic streak somewhere, because I have no interest in Happy Carrots at all. It’s the unhappy ones that draw me. I have a friend I work with sometimes. The first year I knew him he was in the unhappy carrot camp and I felt strongly drawn to him, almost as a mentor. He was showing signs of seeking deeper and more real experiences both in life and in his spiritual journey. We were quite close, I guess. Then, the second year of our relationship, he began to go back to sleep and a year ago, more or less, he did a number of things that made me take notice. Things I couldn’t imagine him doing a year before, at least not without a great deal of angst afterwards. I began to withdraw, since any conversation we had began very quickly to bore me.

This year, I’ve hardly had an contact with him. He’s now nailed his life down and that’s it, now as far as he’s concerned. He’s got his career sorted, he’s bought a house, he’s got engaged to someone who he was dumped by a few years back, and he’s got some position at his church.

It’s rather sad. He had potential. And now he’s asleep again.

Here’s the rub for me, though. He’s also very, very boring.

Oh well.

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