Ahead of the game

For the first time in a long time I feel ahead of myself. I finally got an email regarding my teaching on Monday and I’ve been able to put together my lesson plan for both morning and afternoon. I’m not actually sure I am required to produce a lesson plan for my afternoon teaching but I do find it helps me to be more focussed and tailor my lessons. The only things I have objected to about the lesson plans is the way they have been imposed and the fact that I get paid the same as I was before the fascists decided we all had to do them. They’re quite a useful tool in making sure you are prepared. I did them before, in less details but just for myself.

So my lesson plans are in my folder; all the stuff I need to photocopy is there ready. What could possibly go wrong????

3 thoughts on “Ahead of the game

  1. The only thing that could go wrong is to think that you have all bases covered with the result that a change would stress you out. A plan is just that, a plan. It is good to have plans, very good. However, when a situation requires something different, it is also good to be able to go with the moment. I guess it is much like our lives. We can plan until the cows come home, but life has a way of turning it all upside down – the more so when we become rigid with our plans.


    • You are quite right. But since so far no working day as ever turned out as planned or predicted, I do not expect Monday will either!


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