Out for the count…

or so I hope to be very shortly.

After yet another morning of chaos, I’m home and lunched and ready to keel over for a few hours.

I planned to do that yesterday afternoon but a phone call stopped that. I had a call from friends I’d not seen since 1998 (I think) and they came over. It was wonderful to see them. But I didn’t get my snooze.

I’d hoped to have some information about what classes I’m going to get next week as I have also some extra lessons to teach in the afternoons, of two hours each. Despite two emails begging for a clue as to how many and what level, I’ve not had a single reply and so the possible window for planning at least for Monday is closing very fast. I’m working till 9.30pm on Sunday so any planning will have to be done either today or tomorrow or else I just have to try and plan when I get home from 13+ hours trogging round London.

I think the nap is the best thing for me right now, don’t you?  It’s a pity you can’t store sleep somewhere in the body, the way the liver stores glycogen for later use as glucose when it’s needed. There’s another design flaw in the human body God never ironed out…

2 thoughts on “Out for the count…

    • I’d be thin as a super model if we could do that!
      Finally got an email about next week. Not much help but at least I know this next week I shall be teaching at upper intermediate level, even if I start the week with just two students. I think I may bring in Scrabble for that first hour and a half.


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