Hymn of Pan

I wrote the following poem about five weeks ago but never found the time energy or motivation to type it up.

Hymn of Pan


I am the creeping root that breaks

The concrete crust of roads

I kiss the tiny shoot that becomes

A towering, ancient oak.

I am the song of morning

That greets the rising sun

And with the blackbird’s song at dusk

I sing the world to rest

I am the fierce and cunning weasel

And the timid cowering vole

I am the narrow streamlet

And the raging floods of spring

I know the wild and savage seas

And soft wavelets on the strand

I dance where life is starting

And where it comes to its final end

I am nature’s fiercest defender

And her dearest,  oldest friend

4 thoughts on “Hymn of Pan

  1. I wonder if you could do a series of hymns based on figures in Greek mythology. Actually, you are good with mythology and folklore in general. It would make an interesting collection of writing.


    • I’m working on a short story about this figure who I have encountered many times in my life. but my muscles are a bit stiff from disuse and it’s taking a couple of days.
      i wrote this poem sitting on the grass outside a real maze, a yew maze at a local stately home I’d taken students on. the students were all lost in the maze and I was waiting outside scribbling away. i started the story in my notebook while waiting for the Paris train to arrive at St. PANcras station a few weeks ago and then had to shelve it.


  2. Oh, I just noticed aeclectic tarot in your sidebar. I was thinking of trying to tell a story using tarot cards. Nothing has really clicked. If you have an imaginative connection with the cards, I think they could be very inspiring. Llewllyn also has a very good tarot section online.


    • hehehe.
      I have an addiction to tarot… I have about twenty different packs plus various oracles. Not to mention runes and so on.
      Go browse till the pictures of one really get into your head. The Faerie’s Oracle by Brian froud and jessica macbeth are a great source of inspiration for me.


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