Afternoon dreaming

I had a much needed nap this afternoon but soon drifted into weird dreams. I dreamed I’d been involved in some capacity in some creative scheme that had caught the eye of some bigwig. Most of the team were getting calls and letters asking them to come and work for some important organisation in a creative capacity. The artists who’d done the art work were being called , the people who’d done the music and the sound were being called. But me, who’d done the writing, nothing. I got asked if I could produce music like the music/sounds being played down a phone, I could go (go where I ask now)  . Someone then produced this marvellous crystal that worked as a kind of sat nav system when placed within a gyroscope, and could somehow access the sounds at the heart of this crystal (it was a phantom quartz, banded with layers of growth) without using the rest of the equipment by simply singing a note that activated the crystal, but when I held it, it did nothing.

I woke feeling very confused and a little disappointed. It was as though everyone else who’d done work had been rewarded but there wasn’t anything for me to go on to. No one was telling me how much they’d liked my writing, how that had made the whole project work. I don’t know what to make of it beyond it’s a huge part of my fears that my efforts and hard work go not just unrewarded but also unremarked.

I need tea now to help me wake up and figure it out; whether it means anything of signicance or it’s just a dream that spells out my fears.

10 thoughts on “Afternoon dreaming

  1. I think it’s always frustrating to get no feedback, particularly on creative work. I’ve found that particularly true of poetry, which seems to scare everyone into silence. And, really, in the great scheme of how things run in this world, the writer is definitely one of the least recognized in any endeavor. Movie awards get lots of attention, books not so much. Everyone knows the director and actors, but few know the script writers.

    Perhaps you need a group of people to give you specific feedback on your writing, and also find those who appreciate writing and cultivate those connections. Have you approached any online mags? Maybe that would be a good step. I follow a few writers on facebook and twitter, and I find it heartening.


    • I don’t feel much need for feedback generally; in some ways, running this blog is enough. I want things to be read; I’m not to bothered about hearing what people think. I am on Twitter but I don’t really know why; and I would find it anything but heartening to follow other writers. I followed Stephen Fry for about a week and became very fed up and bored of him. I’ve had a lot of feedback over the years from various publishers and that’s been enough. i do wonder if this dream comes from somewhere deeper and less obvious…


  2. Just a gentle reminder, Viv, that you are all of these cast of characters. I think if you think in terms of certain aspects of self being more developed than others, it all just points to the fact that you are still a work in progress.


    • That’s a very useful insight, Robert.
      I was thinking about you today on the way to work; I had a thought that you’d appreciate: the Devil is the shadow side of Gaia.
      I am indeed a work in progress. I should put up a sign that says, “Wet Paint”!


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