10 thoughts on “The Road Goes Ever On…..

    • Well, come and visit! This is about a mile or so from my house, via ancient woodlands and beach, and leads to a saxon church with a forgotten well in the vicinity….


      • oh and this was taken in May or June; very soon it’s going to be spectacular with changing leaves and carpetted with gold!


    • Not lonely if there’s a dog with you!
      My dog is going to the vets later; she’s hurt her tongue.
      I had an emergency visit to hospital last night at 4.30: I fainted on the way back from the bathroom.


      • I had this post pop up in stats today.
        If anyone reads it again, the day I made my comment, the dog was diagnosed with cancer of the tongue. Nine months later she’s still doing well and has lost most of her tongue. Time will tell but our inital shock and distress has long since dissipated into an acceptance of each day as a gift.


  1. A beautiful photo, Viv! I must admit that it doesn’t appear like a lonely road to me. Rather, it is one that “pulls” one to wander down the road in quietness in search of something deeper than a prosaic life.


    • I’m OK. Too many things to stress me out though.
      I haven’t been along this path for a while; it’s too far for the dog now unless we drive part of the way.
      thanks and you take care too. I enjoyed the post about the guy planting trees, by the way.


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