Anyone who has ever had a beloved pet will understand quite how worrying it is when something is wrong with that pet.

My beloved mongrel Holly has somehow managed to cut her tongue badly enough to need stitches and the wound cleaned out. She’s 13 and in excellent health but it’s worrying. She goes in tomorrow at 8.30. She’s made no fuss about it; I had a look at her mouth last night because I had noticed she was having difficulty eating. We don’t even know when she did it.

Last night I also ended up in hospital myself after I passed out with pain on the landing. It’s probably either the endometriosis again or a cyst bursting but my blood pressure went through the basement and I was unable to move or talk for some time. I’m ok again now and aiming to be back at work tomorrow but why oh why do these things always come at the same time???

7 thoughts on “Worry

  1. Dear Viv,
    I deeply sympathize with your worries and I wish that everything will go well and your sweet pet will recover very soon. I’ll keep thinking of you and sending you my best hopes and wishes.
    It is important that you should try to stay in balance in moments like this as much as possible in order not to disturb your own health even more.
    With all my love and concern


  2. Hope your doing much better. Thanks for visiting my site even when your life is so stressful. Hope your pet is recovering well from her visit to the vet.


    • Thanks Robert.
      I shall be back at work today while Holly goes off to the vet to have her tongue stitched; thankfully my husband’s boss is very understanding and is happy for him to work at home. he had a trip yesterday after I got home and then he was told to work from home.
      Fingers crossed for Holly!


  3. Hope Holly will have a speedy recovery followin her visit to the vet. More importantly I hope you are feeling better too after the scary events of last night and you already know that I think you ought to be the one staying home today!

    Love & Hugs


    • IT’s funny but I woke up this morning feeling better than I have for ages!! In a positive frame of mind, and so on. I guess a good night’s sleep can do that but I so rarely get one! I lost £48 yesterday by not being able to go in and I can’t afford to lose it again, not with hundreds of quid’s of vet bills coming in too!


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