This is Holly today at Dunwich forest. We had a very close encounter with the wild Dartmoor ponies that are now living there. A small group of them were on the path and didn’t run away. One foal came up to me and nuzzled me. Holly doesn’t much care for horses of any kind but I was pleased.


5 thoughts on “Holly

  1. Cute little creature! It’s good you posted her photo here. Now we can hold a mental image of her and send out positive thoughts.

    I’ve had two dogs (a terrier and a cocker spaniel) and a cat in my life, at different times. I become painfully attached to animals, it’s a real obsession. So did my granny and so does my mother. It runs in our family.

  2. Hi Viv,

    You know that I am crying for you and your lovely Holly.

    Anything ever happened to our little Nappy….
    oh Lord, I hate to think of this….

    You take such beautiful pictures of animals, nature…of everything!!

    I pray you all find Peace Viv..

    • Maria, you lovely lady!
      We had a wonderful walk this evening, on the beach and shared out picnic with Holly. She was bounding around and in and out of the water swimming, and then racing along with Nigel. You’d not think anything were wrong.
      I’ve ordered some herbal capsules that have had good reports. They should arrive in the next few days.
      We just must make the most of every day and every moment.

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