September Spiders

September spiders


September is the month of spiders:

Poised in their webs like living jewels,

Stranded in the bathtub like patient travellers

Waiting for a train on the London tube,

Hatching in their hundreds from silken bundles

Dispersing to the corners of every room.

Webs a problem? Spray them silver:

Claim they’re the latest in interior design.

Visit a therapist if you’re petrified of spiders:

September’s not a month for arachnophobes!



6 thoughts on “September Spiders

  1. I’ll make a note in my diary! I am living in Spain now and as yet have not been introduced to Spanish spiders! So I am waiting with bated breath for next September!

    • I am not sure what the spiders are like out there; never been! But one tip for keeping them out of your house is every year collect conkers(the fruit of the horse chesnut tree) and leave them in dishes round the house. I did rather doubt this but this year, I brought home pockets full of them and we’ve not seen a single spider(of size certainly) all year since then. You have to renew them each year as its the chemicals the nuts give off as they dry that repell spiders.
      good luck and let us know if this works for you!

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