Dinner for umpteen…



8 thoughts on “Dinner for umpteen…

  1. I couldn’t get to write on the post itself(dunno why) but these are some of my work colleagues who I spent much of the summer with. Nice bunch. But as you can see the average age is substantially younger than me.

    • No; this was at the end of the season after she’d gone.
      I’ll show you a pic of her when you come and stay as it’s on my Facebook account.

    • Average age was about 23. One of the Spanish leaders was 32 and one of the people not visible at the other end of the table was 53. Most were in the early 20s.
      It was a great night but I was off at 10.30. Can’t do late nights any more!

      • Oh, I’ve never been good at perceiving people’s age. Perhaps because their actual age is often irrelevant to what I feel for them.

      • Oh I’d agree. Inner age is a different matter; the girls I was with that night commented on them all being around 23, except for Vivienne(me) who was still 23 inside which touched me!

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