Final day

Tomorrow is my final day of teaching for this summer season and I feel quite odd about it. All that activity and then, wham, it stops. I have two excursions next week with a group coming over from France for a week.

I’m worn out and frazzled but it’s so hard to stop dead in your tracks. I’m also coming home to an empty house as hubby and daughter are off somewhere for the weekend. The plan is that I am going to try and catch up with myself while I have the house to myself but really, it’s going to be a bit grim. I quite like my own company but I’ve been so stressed with all that’s been going on, I did hope to have my first weekend off in the company of my beloved family.

I’ve also not been blogging much lately; too tired and too stressed. So expect a possible flurry of posts over the next few days…the ghost walk, and updates on various things!


6 thoughts on “Final day

  1. I am sat here waiting for the flurry of posts with eager anticipation and I am only a phone call away if your own company needs an intruder over the weekend!!

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