Unblocked (well, maybe…)

I decided to follow my experiment through and see if I could just let myself write without having to think through everything first, and just work instinctively. I’d had a sketching/painting session at Burgh Castle and I’d been fine until a couple of dogwalkers decided that ten feet away from where I’d set up my stool and my materials was a great place to race their dogs and chat very loudly about nothing terribly much. OK, I’m not Rembrandt or Turner but it was clear I was concentrating and once my concentration was broken, the whole picture failed. I was mildly annoyed much as you are with people who whisper and rattle sweetie papers at the cinema. It’s not worth getting ANGRY about it.

So I shut myself up here and started a whole new chapter of the novel I’ve been picking at for ages and just let it shape itself. I’m quite pleased with it and having started with that thousand and two hundred words, I feel as though it’s begun various trains of thought and ideas that maybe enough to get the whole thing flowing again. The trouble is one tends to want to wait until a whole plot/characters/scenes etc are present and then begin, whereas in fact much of it only unfolds once you take the first steps. I’m reminded of the scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (one of my favourite movies) where he has to find an effectively invisible bridge; he must step out in faith that it IS there. I must write out in faith that the whole story is there and like an archaeologist I must uncover it a bit at a time.

Someone buy me a trowel and a brush please!!! Oh and the sexy leather hat and the bullwhip would be nice too!

2 thoughts on “Unblocked (well, maybe…)

  1. Hi, Viv. I’ve just been listening online to a short interview with a composer called David Silvian (?) on the Late Junction programme for BBC 3 that was recorded last Tuesday 22nd September at 11.15. He appears about 20 minutes into the programme and talks about the way he creates. It reminded me of your posts concerning your experiments with a new approach to writing. I thought you might like to listen to it.
    I think the link is this but you could look it up if you were interested: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/console/b00mrxwk


    • Hi Jessica,
      thanks, that’s very kind of you. I shall try and listen but sometimes my old steam powered pc can’t cope!!!
      I’m tearing my hair our filling in an application for a new job(one that would be term time only, so I’d be able to still do my TEFL job in the hols) I hate job applications!!!
      It’d be a big boost if I got it!!
      take care,


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