Hacked off (a midnight growl)

Yes, I am up and blogging at after midnight, but this is basically to let any of my contacts here know that the spam email I appear to have sent them was as a result of a security breach at Yahoo.

I spent a lot of time, along with poor J’s time talking me through various procedures, trying to find out if I’d ben virussed and if so, how bad and what to do. As far as I can now work out, it was down to the fact that since yahoo’s revamp, they have left gaping great holes in their security and some nasty little git got in and exploited it(and my email account) for all of about 3 minutes.

So profound apologies to anyone here who got the bogus mail. I confidently expect my email box to be crammed come morning with people letting me know or even snarling at me.

I shall now go back to bed and try to sleep; I’ve already tried and failed once and came back on to check nothing untoward had happened since I shut down a while ago. I sometimes do blog in my pyjamas but usually at the other end of the day.


6 thoughts on “Hacked off (a midnight growl)

  1. It was a strange coincidence because we had just exchanged our comments on chain messages and the next moment, I got this “surprise” from you. Frankly, I thought it happened either by mistake or some evil joker was using your email ID. 😀


    • It was someone who had found a weakness at the Yahoo security centre and was weasellling in and using other people’s accounts to send out spam. I have now found it wasn’t just me; the yahoo guy last night gave me the impression it was an ongoing problem lately and I found out just now from someone on Facebook that it’s happened to a lot of people recently.
      I guess perhaps Schadenfreude might have been at play though. Oh well. Lessons learnt!


    • Easy Tiger!!!
      It’s hard to explain when you haven’t known me very long that I have come a very long way indeed that I was able to actually sit there and follow the instructions without really panicking(as in having an actual full blown panic attack). I have dealt with a lot of my fears and inadequacies in recent years.
      I had a good day and got the application handed in at the school on our way out to Norwich. We had a good mooch around, got a special extra tour from my favourite Guide at the cathedral (he’s 86, and a former Desert Rat) and walked the Labyrinth, something I haven’t been able to do all year as it was closed in the ealry Spring and then with students, being contemplative isn’t something I could do. We also went to a small gallery, which had invited me to a viewing of some new work (silver jewelery all hand crafted and very lovely) and had a glass of something and nibbles. Nigel really loved it too.
      My pyjamas last night were what is referred to as Eau de Nil in fashion circles though I cannot ever imagine Nile water ever being the pale blue-green. Funny how words go!
      thanks again!


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