Additions my blogroll that is!

I’m sometimes quite remiss about remembering to add to my blogroll when new friends come along; it’s a mixture of being too busy and letting it slip my mind. If you’ve been a regular visitor and I haven’t added yours, give me a gentle nudge.

Two new ones.

Wendy’s blog is a lovely place to have a browse as she makes lovely things using knitting and fabric. Very creative in a practical way that makes me wish I could knit decently: I get everything too tight after  a few inches and need someone to get it loosened for me.

Harold at sumnonrabidus writes about his own life and about the extraordinary condition(s) he experiences. I have experienced ONE episode of the condition hypergraphia, for a limited time; due to several factors, Harold experiences it most of the time. It’s a window into another world that many people may find interesting; I hope you do pop over as Harold has just started blogging( I think so?). 

I’m trying to get my head back together after a weekend away at my parents’ house, which is where I grew up. Every time I go, I find I am faced with a lot of issues that never seem to go away.

So bear with me as I need to go and rearrange my psyche for a little while.

2 thoughts on “Additions

    • I’ve been meaning to for a while and it kept slipping my mind.
      Please, anyone else remind me!
      I can’t claim senior moments just yet, but I can maybe claim blonde ones!


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