A grumpy day

I’m stuck at “grumpy bitch” setting today and I’ve bitten off more heads than Ozzy Osborne. I’ve snapped and snarled like a bear with a hangover.

I don’t know why but just about everything has set my teeth on edge; from the cats demanding food to other motorists while we were driving around. I need shutting in a box(or a room) and leaving to my own devices until the mood(if mood it is, rather than the real me emerging) passes.

I feel every fibre of my clothes as if I were wearing hessian. My skin prickles at the touch of it. My head is pounding, but softly, like a Steinway in the background hammering out something angry and Russian and very dark.

I went to the cinema and saw “Dorian Gray” and it upset me too.

I’ll get over it.

6 thoughts on “A grumpy day

    • Thank you. They have done.
      After the events of the day, I then discovered our boiler wasn’t working; so went to bed with the prospect of no hot water or heating until the plumber had been (MORE expense!) but came down in the morning to discover it was working again as if by magic. I have a feeling the gas pressure was low; there’s been work doen recently locally and we had low gas the other day and the gas rings woulnd’t light on the stove.


  1. We all have grumpy days like this. It’s good to know that you feel better now. Funny, I’ve got the same or a similar reaction when I’m in this kind of state – my skin feels like electrified and I can’t stand anyone or anything touching me.

    I’m quite curious to know the meaning of “Russian” the way you used it here. Is it a synonym of something mad? If so, where does this come from? Just interested. 🙂


    • We use Russian to do with the style if you like as we perceive it here; more up to date gothic, kind of sumptuous with braid, if you get what I mean. Stern and over bearing, with shades of Tolstoy!


  2. Oh and mainly to do with the style of Russian composers of music, and yes, I guess it does mean a bit mad but flamboyant and violently melancholy. I suspect that many of the composers I think of as Russian(Czaichovsky(sp) Mussorgorsky(sp) etc) might not actually be Russian at all!


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