Viv's drawings and paintings 029

I did the above mandala a few years back and looking at it now it seems a very hopeful image of what was presumably inside me at the time. I’ve been intending to post it for ages but spurred on by Robert’s posts at I thought I’d finally do it.

4 thoughts on “Mandala

  1. I love your mandala. It evokes the eternal well-spring of life, compassion, the integration of all things, diversity in unity, synchronicity, archetypal patterns and their coherence, the four essential elements of earth, air, fire and water, and the presence of the entire universe in the heart of a rose. Thank you.


  2. My first thought was of a rose budding out. Roses are quite symbolic aren’t they. They have the colour of blood, the colour of excited flush which sets the heart beating faster. Roses also have thorns which warn us that the way ahead is thorny if one is to blossom as one should. Thanks, Viv.


    • and the Mystic rose.
      There’s a line at the end of an Eliot poem that says, “and the fire and the rose shall be one” that I read many years after I saw a vision of just that; where a rose grew round a Crucifix in The Lady chapel at the anglican cathedral in Liverpool and then became flames that burned but did not consume.
      And in the language of flowers, different colour roses symbolise different types of love.


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