Nun better

In another life, I would have become a nun. Years back I gave God an ultimatum: unless You point the right man in my way, I have every intention of becoming a nun.

My life didn’t go that way. But if it had, the good ladies in the following clip are what I would like to have become:

2 thoughts on “Nun better

  1. I have a dear friend who is a Dominican nun. She is one of the most inspiring people because she lives with a sense of authentic stewardship for creation much as the nuns in your clip. Furthermore, she lives to bring the joy of animals to other people who are lonely and ill.

    Sister Barbara created the “Wings of Love” ministry. She has taken parrots to nursing and assisted living homes to the delight of the elderly residences. Many suffer from altzheimers and dementia, but they all become animated, enthusiastic and engaged when she arrives, parrrots in hand. This is the kind of dedicated role modeling the world needs of what engaged spirituality really means. Thanks so much for the clip.


    • I’d love to see the parrots in action; I’ve heard of dogs, cats and rabbits being used like this to great effect.
      One thing that might amuse you. In Whitby in North Yorkshire there is an order of nuns called the Convent of the Holy Paraclete(, ie the Holy Spirit) but people don’t recognise the word and think it’s parakeet. The fun goes further; most of the nuns(its not a closed order) wear a Dove symbol on their coats when they go out and…yes, people think it’s the Holy Parakeet!
      Care for the environment is the much neglected fifth mark of mission; my husband was environmental officer for the diocese of Ely for some years, and assisted in our next diocese. I helped at a number of events as my first job after university was education officer on a nature reserve.
      The clip made me smile so much.


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