Synchronicity and Metamorphosis

I had a somewhat odd thing happen today. I was chatting online with some I know only very slightly through the world of the internet and we had been talking at length of being works in progress, of being in the midst of personal transformation and metamorphosis.

I heard something in the room that made me leave the computer and go and look. Tiny wings were beating against the window pane; a small tortoiseshell butterfly had appeared as if from nowhere and was seeking to get out. Now the window in this room has not been opened for a while; it’s seldom used as a bedroom and to be quite honest, whenever any winged thing enters the house, be it moth, butterfly or otherwise, my cats tend to pursue it and kill it. I have no clue as to how the butterfly came to be there.

I do however count it as a sign, a message from above(or beyond) that the transformation process is nearing completion and I(and maybe my online friend) can soon find our true wings.

I let the butterfly out of the window and it flew away into the autumn sunshine.  It made me think of an episode I have read about where Freud and Jung had been discussing the various things and Jung had been describing a dream about a scarab beetle when a scratching was heard and a scarab type beetle appeared in the room. Neither could explain this, and Freud was silenced for once. Not long after this episode, they ceased to be friends.

The world is a truly magical and astounding place.

10 thoughts on “Synchronicity and Metamorphosis

  1. Good post. We have a blog on synchronicity and hope you’ll drop by and share any other stories you might have on synchronicity. The butterfly appearing when it did, where it did, certainly seems that your transformation, whatever it is, is nearly complete. I like that you let the butterfly out.

    The scarab beetle story happened when Jung was with a patient who was very rigid in her belief system. She was relating a dream about a golden scarab when the equivalent in Jung’s area appeared at the window. Jung knew the scarab symbolized rebirth in Egyptian mythology and felt it was a positive sign for her therapy. This is when his interest in synchronicity supposedly started.


    • Hi Trish,
      thanks for setting me straight on the scarab story origin. I must have got two tales muddled; I’ve read some Jung but not a lot and not recently and I coulnd’t recall exactly which book it had been in to check. Lazy of me, I know, but sometimes it’s better not to worry too much about a detail…
      I shall certainly drop by to your blog; I am very interested in the whole subject of synchronicity.
      Thanks for stopping by, and do please come back!


  2. Such a beautiful post of the ordinary magic that surrounds us. Jung was a mystic with uncanny intuition. While a scientist, he was deeply connected to the archetypal fields that undergird creation and evolution. He honored signs and symbols and his greatest discovery was of the “objective psyche,” the power and significance of the factual attributes of the image (in dreams or in life) to bring meaning, inspiration, and revelation.

    The metamorphosis is first to mind, as you say: what a hopeful message from the universe about transformation. In addition, the tortoiseshell butterfly has been, since the late 90s, in short supply in the UK, owing to a parasitoid fly. Butterflies are an important indicator also of the health of ecosystems, and British conservationists are buoyed by the recent increased sightings of the tortoiseshell, once feared to be threatened. Can it also be a wonderful sign of the changing system and energy all around you that brings support and sustainability to your ongoing transformation. May it all be so.



    • My brother is a lepidopterist and I grew up with just about everything to do with butterflies and moths(and other insects) as a background to everything in my parents’ home. He’s officially an amateur but he does a certain amount of volunteer work surveying populations in the countryside around where he lives. This year in the Uk has been a very good year for insects of all kinds. We started with our first hive of bees too this year.
      It;s going to take a lot of work and some powerful legislation to reverse the decline of so many things.
      thank you!


  3. I’ve always been fascinated with little coincidences and I tend to look for a hidden message or symbolic meaning.
    Life is indeed full of magic, only one has to be open for it.


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