The Power of Orange Knickers

I promised I would write this post, and now here it is.

The Power of Orange Knickers is a song title by Tori Amos, a singer songwriter whose work has been the soundtrack to a great deal of my writing over the years. Her lyrics are strange but oddly inspiring; phrases resonate in my mind and create images and stories and moods. The lyrics to this song are pretty much incomprehensible when you try and analyse them, which is the case with many of her songs. It’s the single phrase(both musical and literal) that gets my mind working.

The power of orange knickers is about what makes us feel good, the things, often secret, that give us confidence in who we are. Wearing nice undies is one thing that works for many women(and maybe men!) but there are so many things, not just physical, material things that can underpin our lives: our spiritual practices, dreams, hopes, and so on all give that secret support to our lives, especially when challenged by difficulty.

My physical “orange knickers” (though I swear I do NOT have a pair in that colour, honest!) include perfume among many things. Perfume(by which I mean both the stuff one sprays on, and incense and so on) lifts the mood in ways that are hard to quantify. I lost the impulse to suicide once, years ago, as a direct result of using Neroli oil. Yes, it IS that powerful. And now I think of it, it’s a connection too; Neroli oil is the essential oil distilled from ORANGE blossoms. In colour therapy orange is the most uplifting colour there is, the colour of sunshine on the orange groves, warming and comforting. The colour we choose for our clothing(outer and under) can have a dramatic effect on our moods and those of people around us. Obviously when worn under clothes, the effect is purely personal, but the feeling of confidence and cheerfulness is something that can infect those around us. Think how a random smile can spread around a room: I have played the smile game when out on assignments, smiling cheerfully at strangers and knowing when they smile back that as they go on, for one short moment, they felt a tiny bit more cheerful. The simple act of smiling, of using those muscles in the face, actually causes the body to release endorphins that ease pain and increase well-being.

So what are your Orange Knickers?         


6 thoughts on “The Power of Orange Knickers

  1. Well, since I have been barred (or was it bared?) from la senza thanks to you convincing me in the powers of orange knickers I can’t really tell!!
    I do however, like the smiling game and play it often. 🙂

    • Like I said, orange boxers would be fine if that was what did it for you!
      I’m glad that you play the smiling game; you get double benefits if you are the instigator!

      • I love the music of Tori Amos actually. It’s the combined effect of her melodies and the quirky lyrics I so enjoy. She manages to elevate the seemingly ordinary to grand status, like the orange knockers. While undies don’t do it for me, all manner of outer clothing certainly does. I am a lover of bold ( some would say “loud”) ties. They are colorful and range from simple to more complex patterns. One of my favorites has enscribed on it a gold-leaf like page from an illuminated manuscript.

        Of all the colorful clothing I wear, the fabrics that have a very profound impact on me are my vestments. the alb, stole, chasuble, cincture, all with special symbolic meaning and ancient roots, alter physical energy, mood, contents of mind, and is all part of a mystical experience.

        Orange is the light at dusk and represents a light frequency of 590 nanometers. Lower still would be red and that infrared. It is a phase just a notch above heat, and so orange has a sensuousness that comforts and reassures: a color of intimacy that draws us toward the Beloved.

        Thank you.

      • No, thank you! My husbands ordination stole was handwoven in silk, in Wales, and is as you’d expect a gold colour, but its an understated and classic piece of litrugical clothing which suits him very well.
        The info about the colours is very helpful. I dreamed about a friend shortly after her early and rather shocking death from a brain tumour aged only 48, and she was wearing orange, a colour I never once saw her wear when alive. Your comments are very helpful in explaining that!
        My dad had a collection of loud ties, he used to wear at work simply so people could tell him he was wearing a terrible tie and have a laugh. Now he’s retired, my mum seems to have disposed of all of them…

  2. I like the music of Toris Amos too, though some of her songs sound pretty similar to me. Anyway, her voice is lovely and the melodies touch me, so I like her.

    I’ve been trying to find what my Orange Knickers are but to no result. When I feel down, I feel down and neither clothes, nor perfume can really make me feel better. Sometimes I resort to chocolate, but the effect is rather short-lived. The only thing that can change my mood from low to comparatively tolerable is a friend caring to say a few nice words. SO now is the time to say thank you for always caring when I get lost. 🙂

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