New Friends

I’ve just added a couple of new friends to my blogroll.

First, there’s Brynn at

And most recently, I’d like to welcome Brother Anthony at maybe adding to your blogroll but they are utterly different; I suggest you have a little visit and see how you find them.

It’s always good to make new friends, because I feel that often we learn more from friends than we do from books.The sharing of experiences, the comfort of finding kindred spirits, the counsel we get and give within good soul-friendships are what can help us make great strides in our journey.

If there’s anyone you think I should add; or if you’ve been here a while and would me like to share your blog, please let me know!


2 thoughts on “New Friends

    • I’d say I learn as much but in different ways. I have a lot of reference books for herbs and so on that I wouldn’t be without. I think we learn from exploration, however we choose to do it, and by trial and error and from each other. The danger is when people don’t apply their good senses to what they learn. What works for me does not work for everyone, and vice versa. While physicists are seeking the Law of Everything that manages to cover both quantum mechanics and relativity, spiritual seekers are often doing the same thing, and I’d be surprised if either managed it!

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