To listen, maybe not…

I came across this at today.  I’ve been meaning to add this wonderful blog to my blogroll but keep forgetting; it’s there now!!

What sort of listener are you???

5 thoughts on “To listen, maybe not…

  1. Thinking about it, I’ve found out I’ve practiced all the listening types in different situations. When I’m with people I care about, I listen to understand and give support. When I’m with people prone to idle talking, I pretend to be listening while thinking about something else. I have noticed, however, that people listen most attentively when the conversation is about their own personalities. When something else or someone else is being discussed, then they tend to listen initially looking for an opportunity to interrupt in order to put in their own ideas or experience as an example. Or give advice based on their own experience or beliefs.
    In other words, it is very difficult to listen whole-heartedly to what the other one says without thinking about your own interests and concerns.


    • Hi Shiona,
      me too. I did find it was a bit of a wake up call because I do often stop listening so i can think about what to say in response, which is naughty. I often like to listen on the phone with my eyes shut so I can focus just on what’s being said and on the person I’m listening to. I am a terrible egotist at times and it’s something I HATE about myself and want to be rid of…and there I go again…I,I,I….ad nauseam!


  2. At some point or another we are all egoistic creatures. And we all do that – think about what we are going to say next instead of really listening. I believe the most important thing is to be able to judge when we are actually required to listen devotedly. Otherwise so many useless things are said in our daily lives that we would go mad if we gave all our attention to everything.


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