Germany- day two

Well day two started way too early but I can live with that as long as I have a cuppa first thing:

After a traditional German breakfast we were driven part way into town and then walked the rest, and on to the Dom. The cathedral is immense and very beautiful but outside I saw this sad sight:

Then I saw an angel

She was cold and a passerby got her a coffee:

Inside the Dom the stained glass was amazing:

I couldn’t get a decent photo of the relics of the Three Kings because the lighting was poor but here’s a lectern:

 The interior was so dark I couldn’t get good pictures. It was also immensely big so my paltry little flash didn’t do much at all.

Here’s one of the outside: made me quite dizzy looking up at it; too big for a building but not a mountain.

Around this time it began raining and getting very cold so I didn’t get any photos in Aachen that afternoon.

After returning to the Youth Hostel for dinner (Goulash!) we headed out again to another Christmas market, the Alte markt, which was a few minutes walk away from the Dom markt. I finally met up with my friends Svenja and Ulrich, and they took me to a real German pub and had me drink real German beer (“The gluhwein, that’s just for the tourists!”) and talked at a hundred miles an hour. I did talk a bit in German, till tiredness meant I began to flag and they kindly reverted to English. They took me back to the meeting point and we all went back to meet the coach and go home.

I was longing for my bed that night too:

It was very welcome to crawl between the sheets and go to sleep after a hot chocolate and a hot shower. I’d rather the bedside light hadn’t got so hot that I worried it was a fire risk but I was asleep quite quickly.

And no, that wasn’t the beer. I had a small Kolsch, the beer of Cologne, and only one. That was all I had time for.

What did I dream of? I don’t know, but probably home!


3 thoughts on “Germany- day two

  1. Great pics, Viv. Not sure I could handle that bead in the hostel. The cathedral is striking but the angel with a cup of java is priceless. Truly the sacred beverage. That reminds me, I haven’t had my cup yet. So, off to rectify that. Cheers.

    • It wasn’t the cup she had in front of her; a total stranger took pity on her and went over to mac Donald’s and got her a cup of coffee and brought it to her a few secs after I took this. It made me smile.
      The guy(or gal) in the sleeping bag in the Dom doorway broke my heart; there were too many beggars on the streets.
      The bed was extremely comfortable, despite how it looks and I slept like a log!

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