Stories without Words

At the close of last week I was introduced to a very cool new blog that I just have to share with you all.

(See blogroll for link, this doesn’t seem to be working here!)
has a wonderful idea: presenting a daily picture and asking for writers, poets, songwriters, and essayists to write whatever that picture inspires in them. Now all the photos are extraordinary(and indeed the artists are often well-known or even very famous in this arena) and they are all happy to have their work used in this way. The owner of the blog, Roka, gains their permission to use their images and also moderates all offerings. The basic rules are: no profanity and no critiquing of the work of others unless specifically asked for.
I know that many of my readers are also writers so what better way of keeping the literary joints supple than a daily dose of flash fiction or poetry?
Go on over and have a peep; have a go too if you find a picture that gets your creative juices flowing.

11 thoughts on “Stories without Words

  1. Hi Ms. Viv,

    Thanks for sharing the link. I’ve checked it out:) I read your poem too. I wish I were creative too:(

    Mercury is creative (probably) but in a different sort of way.
    You might want to check out her blog (yes, finally…she’s got one too.)

    I am sorry for not visiting earlier. After the burglary, life’s been busier than usual. We are all working on some projects and hope that at least one of them will work.

    Licks n wags,


  2. I think you probably know this and the problem that you are facing with your links is different, but just in case:)

    For the links in your post to work, you need to select the text (for example, in the case of “”, you need to select all the text in quotes,) and then click the link icon (it looks like a link in a chain) – a popup window will open – where you’d need to paste the link. The next combo will ask you select whether the link should open in a new window or in the same window. Make your selection and submit. Your links would work:)

    Hope this helps.

    Licks n wags,


    • It’s not the links I put on the blog roll or whatever; they go in fine. It’s when I put an address into the main post; it used to come up straight away as a blue thing that linked. Now it doesn’t and I don’t know why!
      have now sorted it but have no idea how I did it; just kept plugging away and put the addresses in again from scratch. I suspect WordPress was playing up when I first tried!


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