Bad times, sad times

I came across this article today and it goes some way to explaining why I would rather not ever go back into a parish…

Vicar’s family ‘forced out of area’

You may need to cut and paste the address as it doesn’t seem to be making a link.

4 thoughts on “Bad times, sad times

    • It’s not that uncommon,
      Several of the places we looked at over the years had shades of this sort of thing as potential not to mention some of the actual places we lived in. I recall a very vivid dream/vision after we’d looked round one, where I saw myself standing at the dining room window of the rectory belonging to that parish and crying my eyes out. Weird. Thankfully we didn’t go for that one so I never got to find out if my shewing was accurrate or not.
      Makes one ashamed at times to be a Christian…


  1. This re enforces everything that my husband hates about some pepole who purport to be Christians. And why although he was happy about me going to church would not come himself


    • I don’t blame him at all. I seldom go now and aim to avoid getting involved.
      In fairness, this is churchianity not real Christainity but most peope don’t know a difference exists!


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